Premium Services

If you want to collect overdue receivables of customers or provide them with the necessary information, advice, assistance and thus build a good relationship with them, premium services of our company are the ideal choice for you. We offer a complete solution for telephone services with a special tariff and at extra cost.

Premium Voice

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Premium Rate (PRM) - Telephone number with additional price

It is a phone number that starts the numbering with 090 . It allows you to benefit from each incoming call from any fixed or mobile network, which depends on the predetermined tariff. Charging is done at the expense of the caller, and it is up to You to decide whether it will be done per established call or per minute of conversation.

Note: The service is available throughout the territory of Serbia, and currently incoming calls are possible from Telekom Serbia and VIP mobile networks.

The overall income is shared between your company telephone operators (Telekom Serbia and Vip Mobile) and company One Click Solutions Ltd.

Premium SMS

It includes SMS, MMS and WAP services that add premium value to basic services. Premium value implies price which is different from the standard price of SMS and MMS.

Is realized through the short, four-digit numbers, and the request for service is conducted:

  • By sending message to a short number

  • By the written consent of the user (eg. When buying goods or services)

Through years of work we have developed the following Premium SMS services :

  1. Billing to be made immediately after sending a message to a short number (OGM)

  2. Payments to be made after delivery of the requested content to the mobile phone (incoming message),

Also, premium services can be divided by type of purchase / subscription

  1. Disposable

  2. Subscribable

In recent years, OneClick Solutions Ltd. has developed the following SMS premium services:

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  1. SMS comments and advertisements

The service is intended primarily to radio and TV stations. It allows you to quickly and easily receive comments and advertisements from listeners or viewers. The application saves time of your employees because it provides a complete overview of all incoming messages.

  1. Voting

It allows users to perform the voting for options, that they are offered through radio and TV broadcasts.

  1. Membership fee

The service is intended for associations, which in this way can charge a membership fee via SMS.


Enable access to the content on your Web site via SMS. Namely, a user can get an autorization code, by sending a message to a certain number, with which he can access certain content. Price of messages are defined in the agreement with you, and depending on the content that can be accessed.

Telephone: 011/4429-129
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