About us

One Click Solutions is a company that provides services in the field of information and communication technologies since 2012. With quality work and dedicated approach we have built the regional leading position in the field of application of mobile and internet solutions, complex solutions for contact centers and modern voice machines. Reliability, fairness and commitment to customers are foundations on which our business philosophy is based, according to which customers recognize us, which is why they trust us and why they accomplish long-term cooperation.

Who are we

One Click Solutions is a company specialized in creating software solutions for SMS, Voice and Web areas, for the broad needs or specific demands and needs of companies and users.

The company is registered at RATEL as a VAS (Value Added Service) operator or provider of value added services (calls and SMS). On the same field, we have partnerships with all mobile operators that operate in Serbia: Telekom, MTS, Telenor and VIP, and also cooperate with the largest mobile operators across Europe.

Besides that, One Click Solutions is a distributor of Sytel for the Western Balkans in the field of Softdial Contact Center solutions, which are distinguished by the highest performance and efficiency of outgoing (outbound) oriented contact centers and campaigns.

In 2015 One Click Solutions made the acquisition of the business and technical capacity of the company Fonlider in order to expand capacity, due to increased workload.

Our customers and we are always available, whether it is necessary to implement the existing solutions, to develop a completely new and unique solution tailored to them, or provide only a recommendation. We try to acknowledge the specific needs, but also have opportunities to clients, with the aim to obtain a complete solution, are in step with the times and earn additional profits. In addition, customers can not only provide business solutions, but provide the best conversion and promotion of their business ideas and projects.

What we proudly point out is that WE ARE NOT COST for the clients. Through cooperation with us, our customers reduce current operating costs or earn more, thus provide added value to their activities.

Our team

Employees in the company One Click Solutions by doing their daily work contribute to the creation of new solutions and technologies that help customers communicate with customers, provide comfort to end users and provide added value to business and life.

By strategic recruitment and retention of only the most talented and dedicated personnel, we have created a working environment where innovation, monitoring of trends and setting up of new and higher standards of service is never lacking, and the work is based on constant improvement of our staff.

The company makes a large number of young and qualified professionals in the field of programming, management, digital marketing, sales, design, finance and legal affairs, including engineers and economists of different profiles, marketing managers, lawyers, etc. The success of your projects is provided by our project managers, while the company applies varying concepts of optimization, all in order of continuous improvement of our work and the quality of service for customers and users.

Striving for perfection in working is focused primarily on customer satisfaction. Our best advertisement are clients who have worked with us, and which confirm successfully implemented projects and continue cooperation on new projects. Today, we can say with pride that we cooperate with more than four hundred partners and customers across Europe.

Feel free to contact us. Let's move into the future together.

Why us?

We have a large knowledge and experience in the field of telecommunications, especially in the field of development of Voice and SMS services. We have developed a significant number of complex internet applications, some of which include the use of custom streaming.
Over 400 companies had been operating successfully due to our solutions and technical suppor.

We have set our business to fit our clients.
At any moment you can be sure that a team of experienced professionals is working for you. Follow the example of successful companies that have entrusted their confidence in us.

Our consultants will quickly and effectively present a solution that lets you improve your business. We will save you hours of searching for the model that will best meet your needs and recommend you exactly the solutions that will, give the most fertile results, with a minimum of your resources. Save time and resources!

Do not invest time and money in expensive equipment, software and training, we have already invested that time and money for you. You just have to tell us your needs and we will find the best solution for you.
We are not a cost. Our fee is far less than the savings or extra income that you receive in working with us!

Partners about us
  • Cooperation with enterprise One Click Solution had opened new horizons on all segments. Their team was prompt and positive, so that all the requirements were solved within the period. I thank the team and I hope for even greater cooperation.
    - Jernej Kenda, Novatel
  • "Thank you for the exceptional cooperation during the price game "Dobro jutro džezveri." Support of your company during this project was on the top level and of great importance. It was a pleasure to work with a team of dedicated professionals like you. I look forward to working with you at one of the next projects. "
    Vladimir Stijelja, Account Assistant, Kreativa Unlimited
  • The main asset of this company is young, professional and ambitious IT team. It is pleasure to work with so educated and creative people.
    - Goran Zečević, Business Outlook
  • We cooperate very successfully with the “One click solutions” company in the field of SMS and VOICE services. It is a great relief when for associate you have a company in which your goals are in the first place.
    Božidar Radetić, Telemon
  • Innovation, creativity and broad knowledge of modern technologies are the greatest advantage of the company.
    - Zoran Tadić, IT Creator, Belgrade
Telephone: 011/4429-129
Mail: marketing@oneclick.rs
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