Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a new marketing channel that enables a simple and fast two-way communication between brands and consumers, regardless of time of day and the place where the consumer is at that moment. Also, with the possession of an appropriate base of proven consumers, there are really great opportunities for targeted advertising, in relation to their demographics and consumer habits. In addition, mobile marketing is quite cheaper and easier to prepare, implement and monitor.

How to apply the mobile marketing?

There are several ways to applay mobile marketing, all depending on the ultimate goal of the marketing campaign. Its diversity is based on technologies that are applied so that mobile marketing can be done through SMS and MMS marketing, creation of mobile applications, the development of mobile websites, mobile coupon delivery for privileged shopping, geo-location services, the use of m-commerce solutions for payment of goods and services, but also through forms of mobile advertising through mobile video content, advertising banners for mobile applications and mobile sites. Also, what will represent a major trend in the coming years in this industry is advertising through social networks on mobile devices. All in all, the potential of this market is really big and brands and advertisers in Serbia are slowly becoming aware of it.

Every company needs to have a unique base of its proven consumers with as broad set of demographic information about them. Numerous companies have entire departments that deal with customer relationship and guidance that they provide is very important for their colleagues from marketing and sales. Mobile marketing is a way for the creation of a such a base, but also for its exploitation. This form of marketing is applicable to literally all industries.

Great technology development has created a number of channels of digital communication, and the way to transmit marketing messages to customers is segmented to email, mobile phone, Internet search, social networks, etc. The best way for the formation of the base is to cover as many different communication channels and collect, for the most part, the same basic information. Creating the base of trusted consumers is a process that never ends.

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What are the benefits of mobile marketing?

Through mobile marketing companies are enabled to be with their customers everywhere and always and able to create a sense of intimate communication. They adapt marketing approaches for long-term collecting of information about the behavior of their customers, which builds lasting quality of relationship with customer. And all this because 80% of the time during the day a mobile phone is with his owner and he will immediately pay attention to the sound of incoming SMS message. According to some analyzes an average of over 150 times each user looks into his mobile phone as means that it is likely that the message will be read immediately, and the reaction to it will be In the first hour of the receipt.

The cost-effectiveness of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing significantly reduces the cost of advertising. No need for creating and broadcasting of expensive advertising. Send advertising messages directly at a very low price. Advertisement is visible 99% and reaction to advertising increases to 60%.

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