Kontakt centar (call centar)

U današnje vreme Kontakt centar (call centar) ima veoma važnu ulogu u sprovođenju poslovne strategije kompanije u odnosu sa trenutnim i potencijalnim korisnicima, te nije svejedno na koji način je osmišljen i organizovan. Kompanija OneClick Solutions je zastupnik britanske kompanije Sytel za Zapadnu Evropu, što vam garantuje perfektna softverska rešenja, najbolje moguće performanse i efikasnost.

Bilo da već imate svoj kontakt centar (call centar), a želite da poboljšate njegove performanse ili tek planirate da uvedete kontakt centar u poslovanje vaše kompanije, kontaktirajte nas i počnite da zarađujete više!

contact centers

The main cause for the introduction of Contact Center operations in your company is to establish a good relationship with users.

Communication with customers can be achieved via:

  • Telephone

  • Via the Web (e-mail, chat, smartphone, social networks and Web applications)

  • By SMS

What do you gain by installing a contact center into business operations of your company?

This type of business brings many benefits and these are some of them:

  • Includes all users of your products or services, regardless of where they reside

  • Information is available in one place, without having to divert users to the other phone numbers

  • Information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Automation of calls

  • All the necessary information are always available to the agents

  • Tracking the history of calls made by agents

  • All calls are recorded, and thanks to that monitoring the quality of work of agents is enabled

  • Reducing the possibility of human error

  • Increasing of payment with the system for notifying the state of overdue receivables using voice machines, SMS or agents

  • The integration of different modes of communication in order to provide better services.

Options of the contact centre

Contact centers offer solutions that are applicable in every organization, they fully comply with all specific needs and provide the following capabilities:

  • Accomplishing direct contact with the users,

  • Creating a database of information about customers and their habits,

  • Realization of marketing and sales activities in conformance with the set objectives,

  • Notifying users on unsettled bills,

  • Conducting collection of receivables,

  • Realization of mass communication with users,

  • Creating of effective analysis of telephone traffic,

  • Successsful human resources management and

  • Monitoring and increasing productivity of the organization.

Types of contact centers

Through the traditional contact center, you can have direct contact with customers.                                  Therefore, it is important to distinguish between:

Inbound Contact Center - It is a contact center that accepts incoming calls, or calls initiated by the customer.

Outbound Contact Center – In this case, agents initiate outgoing                                  calls to existing and potential clients.

Ways of Cooperation

This model of cooperation means that you use your own agents,equipment and workspace, but company One Click Solutions provide you it's own software solutions. This way, without additional investments, you provide better utilization of your employee.

This form f cooperation means that you use your own agents, but you use our software, equipment and workspace. If you are Just getting started with your business and you don't have enough of the resources for acquiring necessary equipment, this is ideal solution for you.

If you have your own contact center and agents, but you don't have enough of agents and can't process all of the calls. You have the opportunity...

This form of cooperation means that your company uses software solutions, equipment, agents and workspace of company One Click Solutions.

When you use our software solutions and well trained agents, you get better quality of your business, you achieve good relationship with users of your products and services. In this way you save part of your resources, because you don't need expensive equipment and training of the agents.

With outsourcing you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the work, by using it you get specialized team of agents and specialized software and equipment as well. This way you get professional way of contacting potential clients, and possibility of user error is at minimum.

Partners about us
  • Cooperation with enterprise One Click Solution had opened new horizons on all segments. Their team was prompt and positive, so that all the requirements were solved within the period. I thank the team and I hope for even greater cooperation.
    - Jernej Kenda, Novatel
  • "Thank you for the exceptional cooperation during the price game "Dobro jutro džezveri." Support of your company during this project was on the top level and of great importance. It was a pleasure to work with a team of dedicated professionals like you. I look forward to working with you at one of the next projects. "
    Vladimir Stijelja, Account Assistant, Kreativa Unlimited
  • The main asset of this company is young, professional and ambitious IT                              team. It is pleasure to work with so educated and creative people.
    - Goran Zečević, Business Outlook
  • We cooperate very successfully with the “One click solutions” company in the field of SMS and VOICE services. It is a great relief when for associate you have a company in which your goals are in the first place.
    Božidar Radetić, Telemon
  • Innovation, creativity and broad knowledge of modern                              technologies are the greatest advantage of the company.
    - Zoran Tadić, IT Creator, Beograd
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